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* About *

Founded on May 1st 2017, our company is dedicated to refreshing traditional chocolatery with customizability (shape, taste, creativity, branding, culture) by promoting handmade work instead of sacrificing it with machines.


Our top priority is to help children play with their parents thanks to chocolate. Other focus points are: cultural development, accessibility, virtuous anthropology, arts synergy.

We work part-time.

* Our offer *

Personalized chocolate chips & biscuits ;

Sculpting & chocolate workshops for beginners, designers and chocolatiers ;

Customized low-relief chocolate molds ;

Chocolate booths for events ;

Fast mold-making tips and consulting

Almost all is handmade with love, by us and local artisans.
Production takes place in Paris, France and Prague, Czech Republic. We can ship molds to your chocolatier.

* Our team *

Our permanent President is the Child Jesus of Prague, he is responsible for children happiness and food deliciousness.

The current executive director is an engineer, designer and chocolate apprentice. We collaborate on one-of-a-kind projects with you as well as local jewelers, chocolatiers, illustrators, printing professionals. We pay the latters generously at best.

* La Bonne Impression *

This means "The Good Impression". You feel it when you receive a nice present, when you are with people you love or when one of your dreams is coming through.

This name is also related to our growing know-how in simple printing and molding of several types of materials.

Our logo has stars. We like stars, every one is a star and should feel so in our workshops. We believe in a Heaven for our loved ones.

* On tour *

We travel throughout France and Czech Republic to hold chocolate creativity workshops.

More on our past and future events soon.

* Free samples *

We are about to release free chocolate samples in 2019 - for companies and individuals. Our production sells out often fast, we hate loss.

* Ongoing endeavours *

We research and teach fast cheap ecological chocolate mold-making for artisans, children, adults. This makes use of 3d modeling, hand-sculpting and low-tech pastry tricks.

Feel free to reach to us if you are an artist or a food, design or finance professional.

Check out "Nativité" our yearly cultural chocolate Advent calendar, started in 2018, continued in 2019: